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We have a faith and believe that smart businesses require time management and engaged workforce. To drive excellence in the industry and set benchmarks Workforce solutions is a need of the time for employees.

Make improved outcomes through a channelise workforce.

Excelling and managing the individual requirements with companies’ business goals is the power and intention of how KonnectCo solutions help the firms. It changes the 360 degree processes of organisation results by its innovative and essential key features including payroll management, leave management, timesheet management, performance management, recruitments, onboarding process, ticketing, broadcasts, social portal etc to reinforce the employees satisfaction with organisation providing transparency and accuracy.

Building Blocks of KonnectCo


Automates HR and other internal operations


Boost employee engagement and productivity


Enhanced user experience

KonnectCo Features

1. Social Portal

Freyr KonnectCo is established with a social portal where all employees in organisation can connect personally at one platform. They can socialize by creating posts, raising appreciation, opining polls, chats, and discussing ideas.

2. Client and project management

KonnectCo manages to track the proposals and requirements of clients or any specific projects within the organisation. One can assign tasks to any employee and update documents as perusal.

3. Payroll

KonnectCo supports and manages end to end requirements of payroll with decoration, taxation including pay stubs of employees.

4. Recruitments

In this section of KonnectCo all internal hiring’s are listed, job openings, referred candidates, scheduling interview rounds, rolling out offers and onboarding them into the organisation.

5. Onboarding

One platform for complete global recruitment process with click of button which can publish to Linkedin, Facebook, Indeed, website and other portals.

6. Appraisals

Transparent & document free process for all project worked and efforts spent on each project by employee are auto linked to the appraisal system

7. Scheduler

Real-time attendance management for managing attendance and leaves.

8. Ticketing

Conversational ticketing system for efficiently managing employee grievance, queries and service requests

KonnectCo Benefits

  • Can be integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Mobility
  • One platform for complete global recruitment process
  • Completely paper free process
  • Country specific legal requirement management and Checklist creation for on-boarding
  • Global introduction of new joiners through social platform