Implementation Methodology

Freyr is the only Regulatory Technology focussed company with products encompassing the entire regulatory landscape. In addition, our Regulatory solutions are pre-validated to comply with various life sciences guidelines such as US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP Annex 11.

Key Highlights

Our comprehensive methodology ensures that critical success factors, such as Data Governance, business processes, advanced reporting, and analytics, take center stage in the Regulatory Solution Suite implementation.

Our unique Offshore-Onshore-Near shore delivery model not only drastically lowers the overall cost, but also ensures best possible management of resources for quality and timely outputs. We are heavily focused on a structured methodology to automate regulatory use cases by leveraging a wide variety of Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

We often choose to select or mix waterfall, agile and scrum project management methodologies with combinations best suiting to your project development. By combining the model to choose the favourite phases of each model we try and overcome the disadvantages of any singular methodology.

Key Benefits

At Freyr, the implementation methodology is tailored to the specific client requirements for successful product implementation. We also consider and follow the client’s SOPs and Methodologies for the implementation.

Rapid Deployment through the multi-phased pre-validated approach.

Stay up to date with our Regulatory Update Packages

Hassle-free data migration and seamless integration

Design and Execute Transformation roadmaps