Regulatory Information Management

Comprehensive. Integrated. Compliant

RIM signifies Regulatory Information Management. It is an integrated software platform that streamlines Regulatory industry's product application and registration lifecycle tracking. It enables end-to-end tracking of Regulatory activities related to various kinds of products like Pharmaceuticals, Biologics and Cosmetics, etc.

With time, submission management practice in Regulatory space has become comprehensive and interesting. A robust RIMS system can help to organize the work involved throughout the lifespan of product development and medicine marketing. RIMS improves Regulatory industry development and coordinates the Product Registration process to track and manage all Regulatory activities and life cycle. It also avoids replicated effort and simplifies product applications and submission operations. In brief, to avoid labour intensive upkeep, RIMS came into existence.

A universal approach to Regulatory management.

Freyr RIM solution is the advanced Regulatory information management tool focussed to boost speed, cooperation, competence and outlook around your whole international portfolio, improving performance at a lower cost.

Our Suite of Specialized RIM systems: