Innovations in the system bring along potential advancement for significant improvements in the processes. On the same line, to promptly classify the elements and products implicated in the unpleasant events, the EMA is in the process of revising its earlier guidelines (XEVMPD format) and implementing the ISO IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) standards. This led to the beginning of implementation as per the international requirements and the EU principles, the EMA has established an ISO IDMP Task Force with a focus to give advice on the planning, development and maintenance of the ISO IDMP standards in the EU region.

Being a specialist provider of Regulatory consulting, operations & technology services, Freyr simplifies data consolidation and provides efficient and seamless ISO IDMP submissions services. Integrated with Regulatory Master Data Management System (MDM), Freyr IDMP provides a single source of truth for all the medicinal products enabling clients to effectively manage the product data. Freyr’s enterprise Regulatory Information Management Solution and strategic IDMP Consulting and Implementation Services enable companies to effectively gain IDMP compliance readiness within the required timelines.

Freyr IDMP Expertise

  • IDMP Assessment
  • Data Level Status Reports and Analytics in terms of Availability, Accuracy and Integrity
  • IDMP Software Solution
  • IDMP Readiness Support Data Management

Freyr IDMP Features

  • Highly cost-effective secure cloud hosted solution
  • State-of-the-art navigation & user interface
  • Modular component based granular authoring
  • Assured data security from creation to storage
  • Flexible and cost-effective licensing model
  • Record management, audit trail and automated submission
  • Comprehensive change management integrated with a robust record management system and a unique report generation capability
  • Dynamic record updates in line with the upcoming guidelines to ensure information data currency and timely submission
  • Online training and support