Health Authorities of different countries have incredibly detailed guidelines for all kinds of categories - pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics. The ever-evolving HA regulations make it impossible to keep track and adapt at the same pace. The effort of researching, integrating and analyzing the relevant updates in the industry and implementing the time-critical Regulatory requirements is laborious.

Freyr IMPACT, a Regulatory Intelligence software from Freyr, eases out Research and Development lifecycle by substantially reducing work and quickening decisions. Freyr IMPACT stands unique with features such as Centralized Repository with global access to comprehensive Regulatory and associated intelligence. In addition, it can track, distribute and consume the real-time insights with user workflow of content creation, distribution, tracking and compliance reporting.

Freyr IMPACT Expertise

  • In-depth Insight of new product development, new market and geography
  • Summary of Insights with heat maps and customizable dashboard with user-friendly navigation
  • Unique inbox enabled forum to track and contribute to discussions and issues
  • Ability to store and archive information and support documents
  • Analysis of Regulatory pathway & hurdles, interpretation of laws, regulation and guidance
  • Summary of Regulatory precedent for policy and therapeutic area Key Intelligence Topics (KITS)
  • Upcoming regulations related discussions/updates through congress coverage/trade associations
  • Distribute insights to users, assigning due dates, mark insight type
  • Summary of all the events about the Insight distribution
  • HA alerts and ad-hoc HA queries

Freyr IMPACT Features

  • Comprehensive, global, Regulatory knowledge repository
  • Companywide global access and individual subscription preference
  • A dashboard displays a complete visual snapshot of the knowledge repository categorized and assorted
  • Web crawlers & automated robots for alerts
  • QC workflow, compliance tracking & insight audit trail
  • Access to information in seconds based on an intuitive search algorithm
  • Share PDF and email alerts to users
  • Search can perform in associated reference documents and literature
  • Regulatory insights can classify into user-defined dynamic categories built as the information repository grows